EDITOR’S NOTES: April is Bee Beautiful Month and more…

Happy Spring! Hope the sun is shining where you are, warmer days and lighter nights on the way…

What’s new here? I’ve been semi-delirious lately because every minute this week has been taken up judging the products and brands for the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2012…and because winter is officially over now.  I’ve been sipping cups of tea in the sunshine for 10 minute breaks while slathering myself in gorgeous hand creams, which sounds relaxing but if you saw how many products we’re sifting through for the Awards it’s both daunting and amazing!  We hope you’ll help us by voting in some of the categories so you can tell us which products you love the most.  All will be revealed in early April…not long now.

1.  The Beauty Shortlist Award Categories will be announced by tomorrow! WINNERS will be revealed late April, SHORTLISTED BRANDS confirmed the first week of April.

2.  Our Breast Cancer Beauty Special  – it’s full of health and beauty suggestions, tips and resources  and we really want to reach as many women as possible, so we’d love you to share it.  We’ve all been touched directly or indirectly by cancer and the more we can spread the word and support anyone going through it, the better.  We mentioned Trevor Sorbie in the Beauty Special for his truly amazing work – his My New Hair service is so important for alopecia sufferers and chemo patients as his team will re-cut wigs to suit -it’s not great to have to wear a wig that really isn’t “you”.  We also salute Karen Betts and Tracie Giles who do permanent make up.  Karen is working with Katie Piper (Katie, you are amazing) as the exclusive, official permanent make up expert for the Katie Piper Foundation and Tracie, who also helps chemo patients has a new salon in Knightsbridge.

3.  Last but not least, April is Bee Beautiful Month!  Buzz over to our special page for more info in April.  We’re thrilled that NEALS YARD are relaunching their Bee Lovely Hand Cream on March 28 (£1 goes to save the bee charities) and we salute the beautiful beauty brands who specialise in bee-based products.  So, hello to APIVITA, BURTS BEES, APODEA, ABEES and also UNBEELIEVABLE (who make great immune boosting supplements). Please help save the bees, we need them and they really do need us now. We have a NEW Bee Beautiful Pinterest page, too.

4. OK not last, as I forgot to mention we’re now on Facebook. Better late than never.  Or feast your eyes on our eclectic beauty finds on Pinterest 

If there’s a season for new opportunities, fresh starts, making positive changes, spring is it!  I’m going to write down 3 things every night before bed that I’m grateful for, I’m stripping down my to-do lists and getting three important things done daily rather than seven half done or not done (it works for me and feels less overwhelming.) And I hate to say it, but I’ve drastically cleaned out my personal inbox – it feels good to have a spring clean.  (Having said that, if you want to subscribe to Beauty Shortlist updates, we promise you won’t get spammed!)

What are you doing this spring? What beauty or health products have you found that really work? Do you know any breast cancer initiatives or organisations we should add to our Breast Cancer Beauty Page? Comment, Tweet, visit us on Facebook, re-pin the photos on our Pinterest page…all of the above!

I hope your spring is full of sunshine – and everyone and everything that makes your heart sing.

Fiona x

PS: Spotted last week on a luxury beauty brand’s brochure: Eau de Toilet

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