D is for Deodorant (no snoozing now!)

I know, we’ve gone from Lip Gloss to Deodorant almost overnight, but before you snooze off,or drift off towards the coffee machine here are some of the natural deodorants we like. We won’t get into the paraben debate here (they’re chemical preservatives/antifungal/antibacterials used in a lot of deodorants and beauty products). Our take is: if in doubt, avoid it (we apply the same philosophy to unrecognisable foods sold at street markets and strange men in night clubs).

Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant with pure essential oils £5.95/30ml

Weleda’s pretty Wild Rose deodorant also comes in a larger size and works as an all over body spray. Doubles as a foot refresher in summer (hurry up, flip-flop season!)  www.weleda.co.uk 

Crystal Spring Salt of the Earth Travel Deodorant £1.99/10ml

This sprays on a layer of totally natural antibacterial salts and works the same way as the solid formula but it’s a super slim 10ml size so it won’t make that annoying “airport plastic bag” burst when you stuff your make up into it next time you jet off (somewhere warm?) This travel deodorant loves long weekends and you’ll love it because…it works.  www.biggreensmile.com

Jason Pure Natural Deodorant Stick (scent free) £4.99/75g

There’s a men’s version too and if you love your deodorants scented, there’s Lavender, Apricot, Tea Tree and Aloe Vera (hello Vera)


PitROK Push Up Crystal (far left) £6.09/100g

Meet the PitROKs! “Surprisingly effective – quite magical, lasted 24 hours” said the Mail. I’ve been using crystal deodorants for years and still can’t work out why a block of “crystal” applied to damp skin (apply immediately after a shower) works (so well, if at all).  Expert needed, please! (Lasts forever, great value).



Green People Rosemary Deodorant £7.95/70ml

Last but very definitely not least…Award-winning British brand Green People’s Aloe Vera Deodorant has been showered with accolades. Here’s their Rosemary roll on, which contains organic lavender, rosemary, witch hazel and olive leaf extract. www.GreenPeople.co.uk

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