ATONE – the E is for Enzymes

Yes, E is for Enzymes and if you’re wondering what they are, they’re needed to breakdown  fat, protein, carbs and fibre. In fact they’re a must-have for a healthy, well functioning body. We get enzymes from raw foods and therein lies the crux of the matter because cooking destroys enzymes (and as for pre-processed foods, let’s not even go there!) so the body becomes unable to absorb optimum levels of nutrients. The result?  We’re de-railed by lower energy levels, digestive issues, inflammation and other health concerns. Two words: not good.

Atone have come up with this new range of enzymes, each of which targets a specific health “area”.  The  6 formulas are: Repair – to improve circulation and help the recovery of bruised skin, Digestion with Probio – to aid the digestive process, Longevity – to help breakdown proteins and boost antioxidants, Detox – to help healthy liver function, Joint Care – enhances circulation and reduces swelling, and Immunity – which boosts immune function.

For the low down on the individual products and how they can help, visit and if you’re into health and natural supplements there’s a treasure trove of interesting posts on their (very) comprehensive blog.

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