ORGANIC BURST (of energy)

Organic Burst burst into the UK supplement market recently, so, being lovers of all things new, we had to try them!

I tested the Baobab (far left) and Acai (far right) over a month recently.  What’s Baobab?  Well if you saw The Lion King, you might recognise that special tree on the film’s logo.  Baobab’s known as “The Tree of Life” for its invigorating health benefits.  It has 6 x more Vit C than oranges and this fine powder (which I mixed with fruit juice) contains Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Copper and Iron and is rich in prebiotics.  So you get an antioxidant hit, while the harvesting of Baobab helps provide an income to families in rural Africa.

On to Organic Burst Acai… it’s high in polyphenols (compounds that protect our DNA, healthy cells and proteins from oxidative damage)  so it can help slow down ageing. Acai is a superstar among antioxidants – I call it the “beauty berry” . They eat Acai flavoured ice-cream in Brazil where the purple-black berry (which comes from a type of palm tree) is a staple part of their diet – and we know how much energy Brazilians have at Carnival time! After three sambas I’d be ready for a sit down followed by two Caipirinhas (the drink, not the dance).

Both these formulas seemed to pep me up during January (not my favourite month) so if you need a bit of a boost, have a look at the range to find out which one would be the best “fit” for you.

Organic Burst have a really easy to follow Slim & Detox Plan on their site and if you’re feeling very Febru-weary, you might want to try the Maca to boost endurance and energy – well priced at £4.80.

See the Organic Burst range, priced at £4.80 upwards, HERE


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