NEW! The Morocco Range by TERRE d’OC

Anti-ageing Elixir (top row, far left)

A Beauty Shortlist EXCLUSIVE:  Terre d’Oc’s NEW Morocco range

Anti-ageing Elixir (with Organic Argan Oil, Organic Date Extract and Organic Prickly Pear)

When your day and night moisturisers are no longer “performing”, it might be time to add a serum to your beauty mix. But which one? Well here’s one we’ve been testing for just a couple of days – quite a bit shorter than usual – but we can tell it’s pretty fabulous already.

Terre d’Oc have just launched their new anti-ageing/all skins MOROCCO RANGE so, intrigued by their new Anti-Ageing Elixir with Organic Argan Oil, revitalising Organic Date Extract and anti-ageing Prickly Pear, we had to try it.  Prickly Pear (aka Barbary Fig) is exceptionally high in essential fatty acids and is super protective – it takes 10,000 seeds to make a litre of precious oil, all harvested from June to September so it’s labour intensive to say the least.

France’s iconic natural brand has teamed Prickly Pear with nourishing Organic Argan Oil (another EFA superstar which helps promote skin’s hydrolipid layer and maximise elasticity) and the result is a fine, delicate oil (but it’s not oily!) which absorbs super-fast into skin leaving a subtle sheen.

We noticed it: 1) Makes skin instantly more radiant and glowing (apply and massage in);  and 2) It’s formulated to improve elasticity, firmness and hydration.

This might be a great serum for younger as well as more mature skins – it’s an “all skins” formulation and would be a great all-season serum, too. Protective in winter but light enough for summer (earmark this one for the beach!)


Moroccan Beauty Secret Organic Anti-Ageing Elixir Serum £32.95/30ml 

(And they do makeup, too! )

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