HAPPINESS is…NEOM’s newest candle

Well hello Happiness!  NEOM’s newest candle launches this week, just in time for spring.  Or rather “candles”, because Happiness (as in real life) comes in big doses (a three-wick home candle, £37.50 with a burn time of 55 hrs) and mini doses (a cute candle that loves travelling, £13).

NEOM have blended essential oils of “happy” flowers and fruit – White Neroli, Mimosa & Lemon – with 100% natural vegetable wax (goodbye toxins and black smoke!) and poured the resulting deliciousness into a three-wick candle, then wrapped it in a spring-has-finally-arrived box.

There are four main notes here: White Neroli (balancing, healing, uplifting), Mimosa (sweet and summery) and Lemon (fresh and sparkling) plus a sprikling of green grass to create a scent that “captures the awakening of spring”.

Happiness is delicate, floral, zesty and just a little bit cheeky. It’s longer days, bluer skies, sunnier days, spring showers. It’s the first brave crocuses after the snow…fresh spring mornings and ‘lighter longer’ evenings.  It’s “smile, spring is around the corner”.

Happiness Home Candle by NEOM LUXURY ORGANICS £37.50




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