GUEST POST: Jarod Chapman

One thing we’ll be doing more of this year is…guest posts! And we can’t think of anyone more amazing to kick off 2012 than fitness expert and massage therapist Jarod Chapman.

Jarod was Tina Turner’s Personal Wellness Coach during her 2008/09 50th Anniversary World Tour.  He now runs his own fitness studio in London specialising in one-to-one training, health/lifestyle coaching, and massage therapies.

“A healthy body creates clarity of mind”

Life is best lived with a smile on your face and a body that walks with health and grace – it’s up to our individual selves to take responsibility for our health and wellbeing.

Try the 5 P’s

Plan: devise your modes of exercise and write them into your schedule.

Practice: it makes you perfect.

Persevere: push through the sweat, tears and avoid those cravings.

Patience: be kind to yourself.

Play: make it fun, join up with friends or take a group class.

Fuel your body, balance your diet

Fuelling your body with healthy foods containing clean and lean nutrients is hugely important in our modern world of fast and pre-packaged foods. Our foods are divided into their macro-nutrient groups of protein, fats and carbohydrates; when planning meals work on the basis of:

  • 40% protein (fish, eggs ,lean meat, tofu)
  • 40% carbohydrates(brown rice, pasta, vegetables, fruit)
  • 20% good fats (avocado, nuts, seeds, fresh coldwater fish fats, olive oil)

This gives you a calorie reduced menu but because protein satiates hunger, you’ll feel genuinely full, in turn reducing the amount of food you’ll feel like eating. For a quick, good fat/protein fix, snack on nuts and drink filtered water or herbal teas.

With strong muscles, connective tissues and supportive bones from regular exercise, your body will demand healthy foods to keep your digestive system flowing. Make sure you stay well hydrated by drinking 1.5 litres of water a day – sometimes our body mistakes dehydration as hunger.

A healthy body creates clarity of mind

A healthy body creates clarity of mind which allows Spirit to soar. Take charge of your potential and your dreams with a healthy and balanced lifestyle of work, exercise, rest, laughter and nutritious eating. Go for it!

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