Christmas Countdown, Santa’s Grotto

As the run-up to Christmas Eve gets shorter, Santa’s list is getting longer!  Luckily the elves have come up with some Christmas crackers this week – beauty finds at a beautiful price.

Terre d’Oc Natural Kohl Eyeliners £13.95

No-mess natural eyeliner? Mais oui! And oui are slightly smitten by these small and perfectly formed cuties.  French organic beauty company Terre D’Oc  have made quite a splash in the UK lately with their Ecocert, Fairtraded make up range. The colourful kohl “cones” come in L-R: Grey, Plum, Blue, Brown and Black.  Extraordinary precision and you can also smudge them for a smokier look. Use at an angle to keep the point sharp. Available online at various retailers including

Aromatherapy Associates Little Star £10

One of our favourite seasonal sparklers, inside this little star is a mini bottle of Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil made from some of nature’s most calming plant oils, formulated by this brilliant aromatherapy-driven brand. Pop a little into the bath and you’ll soon be snoozing, blissfully unaware of Santa’s 2am crash landing.

Spiezia Organics Handbag Essentials £9.95

Cornwall-based organic brand Spiezia – as natural fans will know – have been making pure skincare products since the ’90s. The first Soil Association accredited company in the UK, their eco philosophy carries through the whole range – even their jars and bottles are made from recycled glass.  We haven’t tested the lip balm but the moisturising hand balm was brilliant and smells fab, beautifully floral and soothing. Contains: 100% Organic Moisturising Hand Balm with Rose Geranium & Ylang-Ylang (10ml) and100% Organic Lip Balm nourished with Rose, Lemon and Cinnamon (10ml).

Barefoot Botanicals SOS Barrier Hand Cream 50ml/£13

It’s nippy in Lapland – and plunging temperatures and icy winds mean that “just any” handcream might not be up to the winter challenge, so to speak…so here’s a good one which will see you through winter.  Shea Butter protects, Macadamia, Sunflower and Jojoba Oils replenish dried out skin, Chickweek and Mallow both cool and calm tight, cracked skin and you’ve got Lavender and Frankincense essential oils soothe, restore skin’s texture and help build strong nails.  Barefoot Botanicals are a lovely brand, they’re ethical, natural and their intelligent plant/herbal-based formulas really do work.

Jainnisa From £14.95

If you love that “Thai spa” scent of tuberose, jasmine and orange flower, and you’re more in the mood for spa than snow, you’ll like this Thai spa range now at Harrods. Exotic, floral and ultra-soothing, their Unwind Body and Bath Oil (not pictured) with Camelia Oil, Blue Lotus, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang and Tuberose is luxurious and quite heady. The Jainnisa website isn’t fully functional yet but hopefully their products will be available online soon.

Coming next on Christmas Countdown, it’s winter’s must have candles (all of them – from travel sizes to total splurge).

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