Christmas Countdown – MEN’S GIFT SHORTLIST

J’adore Dior…

…but we adore it more when Jude’s driving.  Homme Intense veers in the direction of an evening scent, with its iris heart and subtle accents of hibiscus seed, woody cedar and vetiver.  What we’d like you to wear when you whisk us off to the Savoy for a Dry Martini next Friday. £44.75/50ml

From Russia with Love

This Kartushya candle from Jonathan Ward London‘s velvety “Russia Collection” is decadent, mysterious and so seductive it could melt the midnight snow in Moscow.  Large candle £35 (burns 45 hrs) by candle maker extraordinaire Jonathan Ward at Jonathan Ward London

Lime Cocktails on Christmas Eve

Light the candles, switch off the mobile and sink into a bitter orange, aromatic wood, vanilla and lime scented bath.  Made from 100% Sicilian salt and essential oils, the salts help exfoliate and boost circulation right to the tip of snow chilled toes.  Ortigia – Sicilian Lime Bath Salts £18 Brummells of London

If You Love Some Bodhi

…put the “Chi” into your man’s Christmas with this beautifully reviving, balancing Rosemary Chi range by the purveyors of British eco-luxury brand, Bodhi   Rosemary Chi Bath & Shower Therapy (left)  Moisturiser (right) £23 each.  Bodhi and more eco-luxury love at

Chill at Hotel Costes

Eurostar to Paris, taxi to Hotel Costes.  On second thoughts, forget “you’re-a-star” and stay home with Hotel Costes’ Orange Home Fragrance collection.  Crystallized orange, roasted coffee, ginger, cardamon, cloves, cumin and cedar – all the scents of the season in one gorgeous orange candle, also available as room fragrance. Brummells of London

Shave Off Santa’s Beard (we dare you)

A flight-friendly shaving kit that’s “miles better” if you have sensitive skin.  The Facial Scrub contains volcanic ash, adzuki bean powder, rice bran, walnut shells, and goat’s milk  to deep clean and smooth away dead skin cells and remove excess oil. The Sake Infused Shave Crème (Normal Skin) softens skin while silicone particles prepare a slick, moist surface for a close and calming shave. The third in the trio is Razor Repair Balm – chamomile, witch hazel, aloe vera and ancient Japanese oils help combat post-shave inflammation.  “Catch us if you can”, Leonardo di Caprio!  £21 at

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