ARK Age Aware Skincare – Age Maintain Soothing Masque

It’s just two years since ARK launched their groundbreaking “age aware” range, bringing a fresh, intelligent take on skincare to the highly competitive skincare market. It makes total sense: skin behaves differently at different stages in our lives, so ARK’s Age Aware Skincare targets teens to early 30s (age prepare), 30 to 50 (age maintain) and for the 50+ age group, there’s age repair.

I tried the Age Maintain Soothing Masque recently – £27 – which looked intriguing because of its calming Ayurvedic and Chineses herbal extracts, vitamin and antioxidant formula – it’s the first beauty product I’d ever tested with Blue Lotus extract which is very rich in flavonoids and symbolised serenity, beauty, life and immortality in Ancient Egyptian times.

It goes beyond your usual moisturising or detoxifying mask, by nourishing, calming and reducing redness (whether that’s due to dryness, cold winds, irritation or sun damage) and it helps diminish the look of wrinkles and injects more elasticity into skin. It felt great to use (first cleanse your face, then apply, leave for 10 mins and rinse off with warm water, and ideally finish off with ARK Hydrating Toner and then Age Maintain Moisturiser).

There’s some very solid phyto-science behind this brand – and (cue the fanfare!) like some of the best British beauty brands it was originally co-founded by a woman.  If her name is familiar it’s because Shula Starkey started the ARK story in 1998 at her Fulham-based skincare salon. In 2009, ARK Age Aware Skincare was launched after 4 years of research, in collaboration with Dr. Penny Kendall-Reed, a Naturopathic doctor and leading expert in preventative health and nutrition.

And of course Santa season is on its way and ARK have some lovely gifts in their Home Aromatics range – there are 3 collections: Living, Lounging and Loving.

If you’ve been thinking of switching brands soon – New Year, new beauty routine? – ARK is one to earmark.

Age Maintain Soothing Masque £27 

PS: ARK offers a free online Skin Assessment so you can find out which products will work best for your age and type of skin – and you’ll get a free £10 ARK skincare voucher towards a purchase!

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