Emma Hardie’s Amazing Face Professional Cleansing System

I kept seeing Emma Hardie in my friends’ bathrooms (!), in the press and in stores and frankly why we haven’t featured Emma Hardie products on Beauty Shortlist before is beyond me.  If you’ve read interviews with Emma in the press, you’ll already know her beauty philosophy is more than skin deep.  Her signature facials are so effective some women have even cancelled Botox or surgery after seeing the results so you can see why she has a long list of devoted followers including more than a few A-list celebs. Emma believes that with the right therapies and skincare we can actively energise and oxygenate skin cells, resulting in a fresher, more radiant complexion.

Her award-winning Amazing Face Professional Cleansing System comes in a box containing a glossy silvery and very generous tub of Moringa Cleansing Balm (100ml) which smells gorgeous, probably because of the orange, neroli and mandarin extracts (uplifting) and jasmine and rose (to revitalise dull, dry, dehydrated skin) along with Rosehip Exfoliating Seeds (10g) and a Dual Action  Cleansing Cloth (dual because one side is soft muslin for exfoliating, the other is a micro fibre finish for polishing/perfecting).

When I tested it I expected some sort of positive improvement because I’d read so much about Emma’s products but the results pretty much surprised me.  If you’re thinking “balm…cleanser??” this is what happened:

Day 1 – Good start as I’m a fan of citrus-based and aromatherapeutic products and this smells lovely.  I massaged the balm in (mixed with a little warm water) as a cleanser, which felt nourishing, hydrating and gently cleansing but without any hint of that tight post-cleanse sensation. Smitten by the orangey-neroli-jasmine smell, I started using the balm all over my face, hands, lips and elbows (you can, as I found out later when I checked the instructions, because it doubles as  a skin balm).

Day 3 – First thing in the morning I looked as if I’d had a deeply moisturising treatment overnight (I hadn’t) and using the balm as a cleanser AND a moisturising balm seemed to be having a 24/7 hydrating effect on my skin. Radiance factor – marked improvement!

Day 7 – Significant and very visible improvement, all round. Using in the morning to clease, then after as a protective balm, then last thing at night – turns out this is a fantastic night balm too. I was waking up looking as though I’d had a long lie in on a daily basis (I wish!)  and the balm’s lovely scent makes it a great way to start the day.  Decanted some of the balm into a mini pot to take with me to Fez for a week (blue skies, 30C and warm, very dry heat so it became my travelling skin saver).

Long story short and a month on, my tub of Moringa Cleansing Balm is still very full. I’ve been using Emma’s Amazing Face Cleansing System day in, day out, exfoliating once a fortnight with the Rosehip Exfoliating Seeds  (I’m not great at exfoliating as you’ll see from the previous Beauty Shortlist post!) You mix the balm with warm water in your palm until it goes milky and add a small sprinkling of the tiny seeds then apply and remove with the Dual Action Cloth.  Both the seeds and balm double up as a face mask, too, when used together, or you can just leave on a veil of the Moringa Balm for ten minutes as a soothing, relaxing mask which smells floral-citrussy.

I have to say that on a ratio of “price v. results” this system really is  “amazing” – and exceptional value, as I’d guess the balm lasts a long, long time so I’ll continue to use it to winter-proof my skin.  Don’t  need the exfoliating seeds? You can just buy the Moringa Balm on its own (£34/100ml). You’ll love using this and you’ll love the visible results even more.

EMMA HARDIE Amazing Face Professional Cleansing System at BEAUTY BAY (on sale September 2012, so it’s a great opportunity to try this brand!)


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