Best Beauty Investments – Autumn 2011

With Christmas and sleigh-fulls of beauty treats about to head our way and as we’re switching seasons, I wanted to share some beauty favourites I think are worth investing in.  Here are 5 strong performers well worth the money that I’ve loved this year which have definitely delivered results. In other words: a) visible proof; b) a feel-good/look-good factor; and c) intelligent bio-science behind the product…and if they smell gorgeous then so much the better.

OSKIA RENAISSANCE MASK  Borderline magical, this luminous pink, fab-smelling “gel/creme” from cutting-edge British skincare company OSKIA doesn’t just feel fantastic, you can clearly see the results – it visibly brightens skin. Lovely to use, you’ll look like you’ve just come come back from the spa (the bathroom). The formula features  MSM, Passionfruit AHA’s, Papaya Enzymes, Swiss Garden Cress Liposomes and Ribose, to boost cell regeneration without aggressively stripping your skin.  It’s a gentle wonder worker. Price: £48.50/50ml and the pot should last a long time.

NEALS YARD REMEDIES SOOTHING STARFLOWER ESSENCE  I’d burned the top of my lip (don’t ask!) and popped into a Neals Yard store on my way home to see if they had anything soothing.  This did the trick – it was cooling, soothing with a pleasantly light glycerine-type formula.  The star of the show is Starflower (or Borage) which is one of nature’s healing skin saviours. By the time the sample mini-pot the lovely girl at Neals Yard had given me ran out, I was addicted. There’s hyaluronic acid (retains moisture brilliantly), alpine flower extracts and licorice which calms skin, a good anti-inflammatory and licorice is making an appearance in a lot of new skincare these days so look out for it as “Glycyrrhiza“.  Price: £40.50/30ml  Use morning and night before moisturising.

IMEDEEN EXPRESSION LINE CONTROL EYE CARE  Those pesky crows feet and lines around the eyes are the first to show and the hardest to hide whether you’re 25 or 45 and this is on the higher side of the price range but it’s worth it and a little goes a long way. It’s ultra-light, almost like a serum but not quite as “glossy” and has light reflecting properties, so it not only tackles wrinkles at the dermal level but also works as a good emergency booster if you’ve had a stressful week and/or you haven’t been sleeping properly lately. Imedeen’s trademarked Contra-X relaxes muscles that cause expression lines, there’s caffeine to help reduce puffiness and dark circles plus horse chestnut and red algae boost microcirculation and moisturise respectively. If you’re already using a high end eye product but think it might be time to switch this would be one to try. Price: £46.47/30ml

TERRA NOVA’s LIVING MULTINUTRIENT COMPLEX  We reviewed this back in August but it’s worth another mention as it’s one of the most intelligent formulas around. Skin, hair and nails will love this and it contains Larch Tree extract which essentially is a plant alternative to collagen as well as a great mix of super-powered antioxidants.  If you love the skin you’re in and believe beauty is on the inside as well as out, this is a formula is a winner.

Living Multinutrient Complex  (full ingredients on this link).  A whopping 45 ingredients are in one mini capsule, including Vitamin C, some Bs, minerals, beauty boosts like Acai Berry, Sea Buckthorn, Pomegranate Seed, Larch Tree extract, Green Tea Leaf, Blackberry Fruit and Black Raspberry. I take 2 capsules daily (one a day will last you well over three months). Price: £25.75/100 capsules

See the rest of the clever TERRA NOVA supplement range here

REN MICRO POLISH CLEANSER I’m besotted with REN’s new Radiance Range and tested most of it earlier this summer, but their Micro Polish Cleanser is my favourite which was a surprise. Here’s why:  I can’t stand exfoliators because the “grains” get into my eyes, they never seem to wash off properly and my cheeks look like watermelon flesh after using them.  I’m just not a fan I’m afraid. But this ultra-fine, creamy mandarin-smelling formula is  the gentlest, most delicate exfoliator I’ve ever tried and because I’m not a fan of having my face sandblasted once a week by harsher exfoliators, I’ll still be using it well into 2012. Leaves skin fresh but not tight, smooth and “polished” and softens lines. I’m guessing you’ll become addicted to the hit of mandarin, grapefruit and orange scented aroma every time you squirt a bit out of the tube.  10/10 to REN.

Price: £20/100ml

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