I’m a bit of a candleholic and have a soft spot for travel candles. They remind you of home when you’re in a hotel room, they light the way when you’re away and they always glow wherever you go.

Maddi Alexander’s travel candles come in chic metal containers. The soy wax prevents them increasing CO2 levels in the air and they burn for up to 50% longer than paraffin candles. They’re cleaner burning, burn cooler and if you’ve ever had a melting candle massage, it would have been with a soy candle (hopefully!)

These little guys come in Cedarwood, Eccentric (a sweet-woody blend), Evocative (lime, ginger and mandarin), Frivolous (citrus and clove), and Grapefruit,  the  candle  fragrance of choice at  London Fashion Week.

Surprisingly tall, with a burn time of around 25 hours, they’re £15 each from


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