GAIAVITA Royal Jelly Night Cream

There’s something about summer and night creams that don’t go together well – at least on holiday.  It’s too hot to go to sleep slathered in moisturiser when it’s hot and humid outside…or maybe it’s just me.

But with a couple of cooler night heralding autumn around the corner, and our focus on bees this week, it’s the perfect time to spotlight Gaiavita’s Night Cream.  No guesses as to what the star ingredient might be?  It’s Royal Jelly, which for years has proven effective as a skin rejuvenator. It’s a rich, rather “regal” cream, perfect for autumn/winter when we all need extra help on the hydration front!

You’ve got rose, petit grain and orange essential oils in here to help nourish and boost radiance, along with a herbal trio – basil, marjoram and fenugreek (good for skin tone and texture).

If you’re willing to splash out on an investment product for the new season, or are keen to try something Royal Jelly-based, this one’s worth considering.



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