How do you say Unguento Propolis in a proper Italian accent? I call it my “Bee Balm”.  Inside this pot is olive and sunflower seed oil, pure beeswax and propolis balm, and it’s lovely stuff. Umbrian bee beauty brand Apodea Organics who put a capital “E” into “eco” make their own artisan products in Italy and this is one of their best sellers.  It’s antiseptic, anti-fungal and healing  (nice solid texture, a little goes a long way and you won’t get grease all over the laptop).

Unguento Propolis works on lips, nails, rough skin or even minor skin irritations and it’s a natural antibacterial because bees use their own propolis to sanitise the nest for their young. In fact, bees and beauty go back a long way (the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used propolis for health and beauty).  The “unguento” contains  10% propolis and 100% biodynamically produced organic ingredients.

  This £15/30ml pot lasts for ages www.apodea-online.co.uk/Propolis-Ointment-Balm(2348853).htm


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