APIVITA Wine Elixir Eye and Lip Cream

It’s “Bee Beautiful” fortnight so we’re kicking off with Greek beauty company ApiVita – Api (from “bee”) and Vita (“life”). Passionate about promoting sustainability and harvesting the healing power of plants and bee products in an ethical way, their eco-intelligent, natural formulas make them a brand you could easily love for life – literally – from the baby products to mature skin solutions. If you love products with Mediterranean ingredients like lavender, laurel, olive oil, orange oil and so on, this is a range worth exploring (they’re one of my favourites).

ApiVita’s Wine Elixir range includes this lovely anti-wrinkle Eye and Lip Cream, with red wine and beeswax (file under “beauty investment”).  It’s opthamologically tested,free of Fragrance, Parabens, Silicone, Propylene Glycol, Mineral Oil and Ethanolamine and gentle. Red Wine extract helps reduce the number, depth and length of even deep wrinkles, Lupine increases skin’s elasticity and Escin (horse chestnut), plus the natural anti-inflammatory Ruscogenin, hydrate and de-puff, helping to keep dark circles at bay.  It also contains a green tea infusion (instead of just water) to increase antioxidant action.

£33/15ml  Wine Elixir Eye and Lip Cream

PS: Mums, check out the Eco Bio Baby and Kids’ Range – love the packaging! Also some great Lip Balms here.

See the whole range including Wine Elixir, Aqua Vita, Queen Bee, First Line, Antispot, Express Beauty and Express Gold at APITIVA.COM and you can buy online. The packaging is beautiful and the products are, too.






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