August Beauty Stars (4 personal favourites)

We get to sample so many stellar beauty products (and some not so good!) that we thought it might be nice to put 4 superstars in the spotlight each month. Here are four I adore for August.

1.TERRA NOVA’s Living Multinutrient Complex

Living Multinutrient Complex  (full ingredients on this link).  Beauty is on the inside as well as out, and this is my personal feel-good formula. Over 45 ingredients are in this intelligent line-up: Vitamin C, some Bs, minerals, beauty boosts like Acai Berry, Sea Buckthorn, Pomegranate Seed, Larch Tree extract (a plant alternative to collagen), Green Tea Leaf, Blackberry Fruit and Black Rasberry – and many more. It’s my daily energy boost. I take 2 capsules daily (one a day will last you over 3 months).  £25.75/100 capsules

2. GREEN PEOPLE Moisturising Shampoo

Hair can get ravaged on holiday – all that sun, sand, and sea salt – if you’ve toured a Greek island in an open top jeep, you’ll know the feeling.

Shampoos are notorious for being loaded with synthetics, so it’s refreshing to see (and use) this Moisturising Shampoo. It hydrates and detangles and with aloe vera, neroli and chamomile in the mix, it smells fab, too.

A little goes a long way. Suitable for normal, dry or frizz-prone hair. £10.95/200ml

3. INLIGHT Organic Foot & Leg Balm  Inlight Organic Foot & Leg Balm

I love this balm.  Yes, it’s a foot & leg balm but it’s far too nice for just the lower extremities so I’ve been using it on hands and elbows.  It’s not officially a lip balm although it tastes nice (!) Smells beautiful, and contains rose hip, lavender, cyprus, rosemary, with olive, sesame, hazlenut oils and beeswax.  Full list here:

I’ve become an instant fan of Inlight, and the rest of the Cornwall-based range, formulated by Dr. Mariano Spezia looks good, too. This balm will take you from the beach all through winter and it should last for ages.


4. REN Micro Polish Cleanser

OK how do I describe this tube of gorgeousness?  Scent: Creamy, orangey, gentle, uplifting. Feels: Very gently exfoliating, no grittiness, ultra-hydrating and there are mandarin, orange, tangerine and grapefruit oils – but it’s not in the least bit oily.  Effect? Leaves skin super smooth and delicately polished. I personally don’t do well with exfoliants as I end up with “grit” in my eyes, I feel like my face has just been sandblasted…but this is wonderful stuff, one of Beauty Shortlist’s best finds this year.

£20/100ml See all the gorgeous INGREDIENTS here

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