Most lip glosses remind me of that U2 song, “Still haven’t found what I’m looking for”.  It doesn’t matter whether you search the cheap and cheerful or designer brands, because lip gloss is a tricky thing to get right.  The wind blows and your hair sticks to it, it comes off 5 seconds after you’ve applied it or (have we all been here before?) you find a good formula but not in a shade that would even remotely work for you.

I tested one of Kiehl’s glosses (Goldenberry) last month and I think I may have finally found a keeper. They’re fab colours for summer, great formulas and have a delicate, almost “berry-like” taste.  Ultra-moisturising, non-irritating and definitely not gloopy, it’s the Apricot Kernel, Grape Seed Oils and Rose Extract that your lips will love. £13.50 each from

Note: The US website sells a few more colours so depending on where you’re based, you can see all the shades here:







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