LIVE NATIVE – Essential Woman

Isle of Skye-based organic beauty brand Live Native have come up with something quite extraordinary.  In the two years that I’ve been testing face and body lotions, creams and serums, I’ve never come across anything quite like this.

I’d describe it as a sort of instant melt-on-skin “skin sorbet” – light, clean, beautifully, naturally “perfumed” (with frangipani).  It’s designed for face and body and works well as an eye care/facial hydrator and anti-ager. Feels almost too precious to use on the body and skin just drinks it in.

What makes Live Native different? Their heat-free raw blending ensures that nature’s store of naturally occurring enzymes, phytonutrients, antioxidants, EFA’s and bio-active plant phytochemicals all remain intact and they’re enzymatically active, too.

I love this summer star.

Essential Woman Face & Body Moisturiser with Frangipani.

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One response to “LIVE NATIVE – Essential Woman”

  1. I love Live Native too and am a fan of Essential Woman as you rightly say it glides on and the skin just absorbs it